I'm Fady.

I'm a Software Engineer with over four years of development experience, and a knowledgeable background.
Here's a bit more about me.

Here are some of my projects

  • E-commerce Website

    HTML, CSS, Wordpress

    Developed an E-Commerce website for Gourmet Wholesale LLC. User friendly for the customer, which improved order efficiency by 32%.

  • Construction Company Project

    HTML, CSS, Wordpress

    Built a website that was responsive, sleek, intended to drive traffic to their website. Included before and after pictures from some of their old work and included inside homes they've built.

  • Exoplanets Project


    Completed for a class assignment; Designed a digital exoplanet that would be inhabitable by humans.

  • Vending Machine Project


    Was my summer project for 2022. Created and designed vending machine from an old and broken one. Written and maintained in Java.